Mark Zuckerberg birthday

Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Turns 33 today!

Mark Zuckerberg, the man who revolutionalised Social Media with creating Facebook has turned 33 years old today. He is known as the “Father of Social Media” and few people even thank him for gifting us with such a platform to connect with people. Facebook was started 13yrs back when he was roughly 20yrs old and since then, he never had to look back. The journey was a bit tough but he came so long crossing all the hurdles and we just wish to see his glory in the coming years too.

He was always different from normal kids or humans. For example, at the age of thirteen, when most people worry about homework, Zuckerberg created Zucknet — a basic computer network for his family that allowed computers in his father’s office to send messages to the computer at home. Something that even the professionals had to think about before creating back in the days.

This young guy is so amazing that As per the Forbes Global Rich List 2017, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg moved up to number five for the first time in the richest people on the planet list, after his fortune rose 11.4 billion USD in 12 months. Mark Zuckerberg’s total net worth is over 62 billion USD. He even became the youngest billionaire in 2008 when he was just 23yrs old. Such Achievements yet no showoff!

We Wish Mark Zuckerberg a very happy and prosperous Birthday and we are greateful to Mark for giving us Facebook, if it didn’t existed then nor Laughing Colours would be existing! 🙂 Thanks again Mark, Stay Gold!