Top 20 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2017


Hollywood is the most prestigious and exciting multimedia industry in the world. It produces lots of fantastic, award-winning movies every year. Thousands of actors enter in this industry now and then, but only a few could succeed in this field. Hollywood celebrities get massive fans from across the world due to their appearance and leading characters in movies. Hollywood also produces lots of talented and gifted actors over the years. Here is a list of Top 20 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2017. These names are picked by Forbs Magazine.

20. Will Smith


Will Smith, the self-proclaimed prince of bell air, is a very popular actor cum producer. Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, he debuted in the industry as a rapper. He acted in lots of award-winning movies such as Bad Boys, MIB (Men In Black), etc. He handled lead roles in more than ten continuous films. Many people believe that Will Smith is the most successful African-American actor in Hollywood. This charismatic actor has also bagged many awards throughout his career in film industry. Four Grammys are the most prestigious among them. He is a very skilled and talented actor in Hollywood film industry.

19. Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson is very charm, attractive, and has a mesmerizing look. He is considered as the jack of his trade. He became one of the most successful actors in the Hollywood due to his ability to exhibit emotions when he was acting. Attention to detail is the other peculiar characteristics of this actor. Due to these positive attitudes and dedication, he could act the leading roles in various award winning epic series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and Goblet of Fire. He acted as a vampire boy in film series, Twilight. He became a media magnet due to his pleasant nature.

18. Zac Efron


Zachary David Alexander Efron or simply Zac Efron is one of the most popular actors in the Hollywood industry. He is a native of California, USA. Zac Efron is popularly known as the teen idol of Hollywood. His career in Hollywood stardom began in the early 2000’s. In the High School Musical of Disney Channel, he handled the title role. He was also the lead actor in Warner Bros Summerland. He has won nominations for awards for High School Musical, Miracle Run, and Neighbors. Zac Efron was the winner of the People’s Choice Award, MTV Movie Awards, and the Capricho Award. His latest films were ‘Dirty Grandpa’ and ‘We are Friends.’

17. Johny Depp


If you consider the tallest actors in Hollywood, Johny Depp is one of the most popular among them. Besides acting roles, he is also an excellent musician and producer. He handled lead roles in many movies. However, The Pirates of the Caribbean was the biggest success. Johny Depp has excellent talent in acting. He always entertains his audience with his music. His acting performance is simply stunning. Most of the roles he handled are adrenaline-packed movies. He has also won many prestigious awards such as Golden Global and Academy. Johny Depp is also considered as the sexiest man in the world. He is also one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

16. Kevin Hart


One of the most popular American actors, Kevin Hart is also a great success for other roles such as rapper, producer, writer, and comedian. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He started his career life by winning lots of comedy competitions. The first stand-up album of Kevin Hart is ‘I’m a Grown Little Man’. After releasing this album in 2008, his reputation as a comedian has also increased. He delivered outstanding performance in films such as Grudge Match, Think Like a Man, Get Hard, and About Last Night. Time Magazine named him as one of the most influential people around the world in 2015. Kevin Hart also got a prominent place on the Time 100 list.

15. Christian Bale


He is an incredibly talented South African/English actor. Besides films, he acted in various television programs as well. During his childhood and youth, he lived in many countries. These experiences helped him a lot to strengthen his career. As a result, he could handle his roles in Hollywood film industry with extreme talents. It helped him to get a permanent place among the elites in this niche. The Fighter, Dark Knight Rises, American Hustle, etc are some of the popular movies of Christian Bale.

14. Ben Affleck


Benjamin Geza Affleck is fondly called Ben Affleck. He is a very popular American actor as well as a filmmaker. Benjamin Geza entered the film industry at the age of eight in an independent movie, ‘The Dark End of the Street’. He did a minor part in that film. Later, he appeared in a number of television shows, which include PBS educational programs. In 1997, he played a comic artist, which was the biggest success. It was considered as the turning point in the career of Ben Affleck. He portrayed the role of Batman in Batman Vs Superman. Benjamin Geza is very handsome and a talented actor. He also achieved lots of awards and appreciations.

13. Brad Pit


One of the most handsome actors in the Hollywood, Brad Pit is very popular for his superb killer appearance. He always keeps the expectations of the audience with his enriched presentations. He is efficient in handling diverse roles in movies. Diversity is the biggest strength of this talented actor. He also has lots of fans around the world. He delivered a stunning performance in the movie ‘Interview with Vampire’. The appearance of Brad Pit in every movie will be different. It is the clear demonstration of his excellent skills in acting. He is a very hot actor and his wife is one of the most beautiful ladies on earth. He, along with his wife Angelina Jolie, has initiated lots of social projects in America.

12. Robert Downey, Jr


While Robert Downey entered in the film industry, he was just 5-years old. The film ‘Proud’ was the first film of this talented actor. Born in 1965, he has now become one of the highest paid actors in the Hollywood. His roles in Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man were marvelous. Just like wine, his physical appearance is improving better when he becomes older and older. He has acted more than 40 movies so far, which is a great achievement in the career life of a Hollywood actor. He also won many nominations and awards throughout his career life.

11. Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg is a former rapper. Now, he is a very popular actor, model, and producer. His role in a drama, Boogie Nights was a huge success. Since then, he got lots of opportunities in the film industry. The Italian Job, Rockstar, etc are some of his popular movies. He received lots of critical acclaim from around the world for his role in The Departed. Mark Wahlberg was also nominated for Academy Award. He is also one of the topmost paid actors in Hollywood.

10. Jerry Seinfeld


Jerry Seinfeld is a very popular American comedian. He is also an excellent producer, writer, director, and actor. In 2007, he co-wrote and co-produced an animated film, Bee Movie. He voiced as a protagonist in that movie. As a comedian, he is known for his observational humor. He mainly focuses on uncomfortable social obligations and personal relationships. He is a very talented actor and he has won many awards including Emmy Awards.

9. Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He is popularly known as the Thor in superhero movies. Chris Hemsworth is one of the highest paid actors. He started his career life as a television actor and he handled different types of roles in both small and big screens. Some of the films of Chris Hemsworth are Red Dawn, The Avengers, Blackhat, Rush, etc. He is very handsome and highly talented. He can also handle different types of roles effortlessly.

8. Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks is a very successful actor in Hollywood and he has been selected by Forbs many times. Born on 9th July 1956, he has made significant contributions to the movie industry in America. He is also a very popular producer and actor. Some of the most popular films of Tom Hanks are Apollo 13, Vinci Code, and The Green Mile. He is very smart, hardworking, and excellent actor. Tom Hanks is the only ‘new-age’ actor in Hollywood. He also grabbed 2 consecutive Academy Awards.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio


The popularity and reputation of Leonardo DiCaprio are unmatched. He is one of the most leading actors in the Hollywood. His role in the movie Titanic made him world famous. He is a very successful, Award-winning actor and producer from Los Angeles, United States. His acting performance was excellent in the movies Titanic and Romeo and Juliet. He started acting at a younger age. But, they were mainly soap opera series, sitcoms, TV commercials, etc. He has also handled a wide range of characters. He has won 4 Academy Awards, 8 nominations for Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Golden Globe Awards.

6. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise demonstrated a scintillating performance in the film ‘Mission Impossible’ series movies. He is also very popular for his roles in these movies. He is a highly established filmmaker and actor. Native of Syracuse, New York, he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He made his professional debut in the film industry at the age of 19. The film was Endless Love, since then, his career graph has been showing an upward trend. Just like lots of other established actors, he also has won lots of Awards and Nominations. He bagged 3 Golden Globe Award Nominations, 3 Golden Globe Awards, and lots of other prestigious accolades.

5. Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler has versatile qualities and he is very popular because of these qualities. He is a very successful entrepreneur, scriptwriter, film producer, comedian, and a great actor. He is known as the funniest man in the Hollywood film industry. Adam Sandler is very famous for his roles in various films such as Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, Billy Madison, and an animated movie, Hotel Transylvania. He is a very talented actor and he achieved many awards and accolades for his stunning performance in various movies.

4. Bradley Cooper


Born on 5th January 1975, Bradley Cooper is very popular for his natural talents in acting and his dedication to films. The movie, Sexiest Man Alive pushed him to the world of stardom. He also appeared in television shows during his early career life. During that period, he also handled supporting roles and gained lots of appreciations and recognitions. He is one of the most expensive Hollywood actors. He is very smart, experienced and highly skilled actor. His career life in Hollywood is very successful.

3. Matt Damon


Matthew Paige Damon or simply Matt Damon was born in Cambridge, United States. He is a very talented and popular American actor. Matthew is also an experienced screenwriter, producer, voice actor, and philanthropist. He entered the film industry in 1988. Since then, he has won lots of lead roles in various highly grossing movies. He has enthralling acting skills, which helped him to win an Oscar Award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award. Forbs Magazine regarded him as one of the highest bankable and grossing actors. His charity activities helped to achieve numerous admirers from around the world.

2. Jackie Chan


The Hong Kong Actor Jackie Chan is in the list of Forbs Magazine under the highest-paid celebrities’ category. He is a martial artist, stunt performer, director, and producer. Jackie Chan started his career life at the age of five. He appeared in several films before gaining an international stardom. The Karate Kid, The Spy Next Door, The Tuxedo, etc are some of the popular movies of Jackie Chan. He is also a very talented singer and he released around 20 albums under his own name. He climbed the highest paid actors list by Forbs for the second time.

1. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson is very famous for his action and sports movies such as The Game Plan and Fast & Furious. He has a very attractive physique. He is also a very popular wrestler, so he has an athletic body shape. His first leading film was The Scorpion King, which was released in 2002. He was paid 5.5 million dollars for this movie. Dwayne Johnson is also very talented and successful in showbiz with wrestling. He handled lead roles in many popular films such as Get Smart, The Rundown, Be Cool, Walking Tall, Tooth Fairy, Doom, Gridiron Gang, Hercules, Retaliation, etc. This highly talented and most successful actor is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.