Use your closet to the fullest!


Hello everyone!

Oh fashion! Will it ever get boring? I don’t think so. But what can happen, is that you limit your outfits to a tiny amount of clothes you own. Especially, if you’re like me and you tend to grab far too often the same jeans and t-shirt.

Let’s be honest. How many piece of clothing that you ever bought, are you actually wearing? How many are lost, somewhere deep inside of your closet, how many are forgotten? Too many, in my opinion.

But why did you spend money on clothes, if you’re not wearing them? That’s what I asked myself lately. And that’s what made think of a strategy to use my closet to the fullest! Here we go!




Dare to be bold

At somedays, I really want to try something new and to go for the crazy pieces in my closet, but I’m just unsure whether it’s going to turn out great or not. I tell you, if you really have a good feeling about it and you feel confident, it’s going to work out. Maybe some people out there will be surprised by you, but mostly in a positive way. And even if not, lastly fashion is more about yourself than about others! Dare to go for the more out-there pieces, I mean, there’s a reason you bought them, right?




Listen to your feelings

If you’re feeling shy, put on something a bit crazy.

If you’re in a bad mood, put on something colorful.

If you’re feeling stressed, go for something calming, like pastel colors.

You get where I want to go. I see outfits as an opportunity to change your feelings, to challenge your mindset and to get more positive. And since we feel different every day, you’ll be wearing clothes of all corners in your wardrobe!




Discover the old things again

There are many pieces of clothing, that you kinda forgot. Or that you just don’t want to wear anymore because of different reasons. Still, there are part of your closet. So, do something about them. I think it’s always great, to have a look at really old clothes. I mean, you might really don’t like them, then give them someone else. But more than often, you figure that you can combine it perfectly well with a new piece and voilà! One piece less, that you’re ignoring!




Layer it

Layering different clothes can look really cool and effortlessly chic. It’s been in since quite a while now, and I think personally, it’s pretty cool. It makes a simple outfit so sophisticated, so why not giving it a try? Also, you wear a lot more clothes, than you would normally.




Plan it

I’m coming to my last and favorite point. You might know already, that I really enjoy organizing and planning my life. It’s just something that I do. I’m not that crazy yet, that I would plan my outfit for every single day, but on important days, I really like to put different options together. My idea now, is, that I could not only plan important days, but rather different outfit options, whenever I’m in a real fashionista mood. Whenever I’ll have no ideas in the morning, I can remember my well-planned outfits and that way, I can choose consciously to wear different looks every day! Problem solved!