Esani : The Youngest Teen Sensation

Esani Dey

It is a very big stage. The huge crowd is cheering for the musicians on the stage. In the right side of the stage there is a Tiny Rockstar who is playing her guitar with great confidence. Sound of the Guitar is forcing people to shake thier heads. Who is she ? None​ other than Esani Dey. A Very Beautiful and Much Talented Guitar Girl.

Esani is Only 17th year old, but there is no need to introduce her. At such little age, she is very popular because of her talent.

I’m lucky to have a conversation with her. Keep reading this article cum interview, there is Lot’s of things you will like to know about her.

When I asked​ her for her inspiration, her answer was “Parents”. And that’s totally right. Her father Mr. Sujay Dey is also a great guitar player. Not only her father but her elder sister Mohini Dey is an amazing Guitarist. So we can tell that Esani belongs to Musical Family.

Here’s small online jam session with Jomy Goerge.


My next question to her was what kinda instruments she plays. You will definitely shock after reading​ her answer. She can play Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandola, Mandolin and Dotara. All these are string instruments. 

Recently She Played Guitars, Ukulele, Mandolin & Tanor Banjo in song “Murshida” from movie Begum Jaan. Music Director of this song is Anu Malik. Hitesh Modak is the programmer & Producer of the song. Listen this very beautiful song in the voice of Arijit Singh.

Few days ago she had performed with bollywood playback singer Udit Narayan at Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Esani Live In Concert With Udit Narayan At Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Esani Played Guitar with the entire team of Tremendously Amazing Musicians on Royal Stag Barrel Select Mtv Unplugged Season 6 on Mtv Channel with Neeti Mohan and Benny Dayal with all the sassiest Rendition of Bollywood songs Arranged by Hitesh Modak.

At MTV unplugged season 6

She likes to play Carnatic Classical, Metal, Jazz, Rock Etc.

Esani is doing this Musical work, with her studies. It’s definitely hard to balance between this. ( I’m experiencing such situations now a days ) When I ask her about this, She told that She study and work simultaneously. Sometimes she stays awake for days. This kinda get tuff but however she manage. I appreciate her for this.

Our last question to her is about her memorable moment.  Her answer was,

“All moments of my life are being memorable. I can’t choose one. My life is getting exciting for me day by day. Each and every moment of my life is getting special. Love my life :)”